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    In a short story that occurs after the action in Broken Mercies but before its epilogue, Charlie Mac surprises Danny’s sister. Here Kate (soon to be featured in my women’s fiction novel) tells us how her brother’s former lover offers an intriguing proposition.

    Can sweetness triumph over sadness during the holidays? This story occurs after the action of Broken Mercies and before its epilogue. We are introduced to a second of Danny’s three sisters, Deanna, who will soon be featured in her own women’s fiction novel as well.


    Musician Daniel Gilchrist has decided he’s broken.

    He doesn’t deserve Jeremy Evans, a sensible, sweet artist who insists they belong together. Bad choices after a hellish childhood make Dan more suited to guys like his ex-lover, a toxic mega-star who wants to resume their affair.

    But Jeremy is irresistible, and he’s survived a few nightmares of his own. He challenges Dan to get rid of the false shame imposed by his mentally ill mother. Her twisted zealotry had influenced his choices, and it’s time to stop blaming himself for inadequately protecting his little sisters from her cruelty.

    While Dan wrestles with old guilt, his former lover persuades him to collaborate on a song that protests religious bigotry. Dan grows suspicious of the star’s odd behavior, and then law enforcement shows up.

    That clinches it—Dan really isn’t good enough for Jeremy. Somehow he’s managed to drag the poor guy into danger.

    We see more of Dan and Jeremy in No Malice, Lucy Marker's next novel, featuring Dan's sister. This story delves deeper into Dan's traumatic young life and highlights his newfound strengths as he helps his sister overcome personal tragedy.

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