Clockwork Heart by Heidi Cullinan


Confession: I’m a Heidi Cullinan fangirl. I’ve read and loved a long list of her novels, including the Tucker Springs series, Minnesota Christmas series, Nowhere Ranch, Dirty Laundry, and Family Man with Marie Sexton. My current favorites are the amazing Love Lessons series and the stellar Dance with Me. Heidi’s novel Carry the Ocean, the first book in the Roosevelt series, is so extraordinary I was compelled to praise its gorgeousness in my blog last May.

In every novel, Heidi Cullinan’s emotional IQ hits the top of the mark. Whether her characters are endearing, gritty, super-intelligent, heart-warming, funny, deeply troubled, have special needs, or all of the above, the reader cares deeply about them as they forge their way through challenges and bravely reach for love.


I am thrilled to host her introduction to her newest offering, CLOCKWORK HEART. She has honored me with an excerpt:


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