Lucy Marker

About Lucy Marker

Lucy Marker learned very young that stories hold great power. Whether written on a page or created in her mind, a story could be trusted to carry her into a different world. In the midst of a large, chaotic family, she grew up worshiping books.

She also reveres humor, and long ago her husband’s quick wit won her heart. Only after they were married and television became a third member of their union did she realize how much of his wit originated in clever plagiarism. To this day, he helps Lucy maintain perspective with quotes from classic cartoons and comedies. Their two grown children have followed his example, and not an hour passes in their company without a good laugh.

The uncertain health of several relatives gave Lucy strong empathy for the mentally ill and those who care for them.

Lucy is inspired by the uncommon courage of ordinary men and women who survive trauma, face down their issues and dare to love.

Lucy Marker has been writing romance, women’s fiction and gay romance for many years. She’s a member of several writing organizations and has won top placement in the Silicon Valley Romance Writers of America’s “Gotcha!” contest. She is thrilled to reside quietly in the San Francisco Bay Area and write full time.

Lucy Marker is happy to hear from readers at lucymarker.com, Facebook and Twitter.