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In a short story that occurs after the action in Broken Mercies but before its epilogue, Charlie Mac surprises Danny’s sister. Here Kate (soon to be featured in my women’s fiction novel) tells us how her brother’s former lover offers an intriguing proposition.

I placed another ornament on the tree. Blissfully alone while my teenage daughter baked cookies with her stepmom, I was free to caterwaul along with the carols playing on the speaker. The doorbell pealed.


I stopped mid-yowl. “Well, shoot.” I looked down on myself. I hadn’t showered after exercising. I turned down the speaker and tugged my damp, oversize T-shirt to make sure my hips were adequately covered, and then I peered through the peep hole.


My brain clanked to a stop. No way. A world-famous country singer was not standing on my porch in San Jose. Wearing a Santa hat.







Can sweetness triumph over sadness during the holidays? This story occurs after the action of Broken Mercies and before its epilogue. We are introduced to a second of Danny’s three sisters, Deanna, who will soon be featured in her own women’s fiction novel as well.

December, 2006


Piano notes swirled over Jeremy Evans. Rain tapped out an accompanying rhythm against the windows of the small San Jose rental, and he snuggled deeper into the comfy chair that molded his body like a warm hug. The chair had been placed beside the baby grand as a temptation to sit and listen.


As if he needed extra incentive to remain close to Danny Gilchrist. In the stormy December afternoon, cinnamon candles and the gas fireplace illuminated muscles rippling across Danny’s back and shoulders beneath the tight black T-shirt. Denim-covered thighs surged with the movement of his feet on the pedals. The music’s delicacy perfectly suited his sensitive features, the slight curve of his mobile mouth, the fine nose, and the fall of chestnut hair over his forehead. Jeremy couldn’t look away.


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