Moving Beyond a Sucky Past

I did something.

It’s my fault, though to be fair, I did have help.

I set free the scaredy-cat I’d been clinging to with all my might and finished reworking my novel Broken Mercies.

Then with a spectacular lack of self-preservation, I jumped off the edge of the world and submitted it for publishing. Dreamspinner Press accepted it.


Where have I landed?

I don’t recognize this new place. I was supposed to remain safely poised on that old cliff, never quite making it to the foreign land of accomplishment. It was The Rule, the one that kept me unnoticed and safe.

But I’m surprisingly okay in this new place. I’ve survived a difficult moment or two and lately even caught myself undertaking the odd act of resilient maturity.

As long as I don’t look down at the foreign ground beneath my feet, I can keep moving.

Next I’ll finish the rewrite of my women’s fiction novel, because in this unfamiliar, adult persona, I can actually imagine a happy ever after.

So a big thank-you to the helpers who kindly shoved me off the cliff at the same time I was about to leap. You know who you are.

It’s not so bad over here. I just have to tolerate feeling weird for a while.